The New Age Movement and most all anti-Christian religions or cults believe in an energy or "a force' that every person can freely tap into. They falsely believe that all people and all nature are inter-connected to this force and this force is God. They believe that "God is all and all is God". God is an impersonal force that people, like magic can control to do either good or evil things. This was the theme of the popular Star Wars movies. These movies taught the beliefs of the New Age Movement. We learned earlier that the basic teachings of the New Age Movement was already falsely taught by Satan, the deceiver of all mankind. The popular saying; "May the force be with you", is very deceiving because good people can use this force in the movies for good purposes, and bad people for bad purposes. Here we see the lie once again in this movie, that it is OK to use what God has forbidden for doing good purposes.

This "force" is not "God" as these movies show, but are demonic spirits guided by Satan. The meaning of the word psychic is - "energy" a clever, powerful, unseen force that can be controlled by the human mind". People who believe in this "psychic energy" or "force" do not believe God is the one behind it. They believe in "spiritual entities" and "forces" or "ascended masters". These words cover up the true "force" that is behind them, which are demonic spirits.