This list is some of the names of doorways that allow Satan to take advantage of us. This list does not cover all occult involvement, but covers many popular topics. Many of these topics will be covered more in a later chapter.
 Cults/Counterfeit Christianity, World Religions  Forbidden Practices  Media/Entertainment
 Wicca  astrology  Dungeons and Dragons
 The New Age Movement  horoscopes  Books (Harry Potter)
 Mormonism  divination(foretune-telling)  Magic: the Gathering
 Jehovah Witness  Tarot Card  (Games that deal with occult powers; casting spells, potions, violence etc.
 Christian Science  Using spells or curses  Music that exalts the devil (Marilyn Manson, Slayer)
 Freemasonry Obsession with UFO's/Aliens A  Movies or TV shows that have occult influences
 Unification Church (Moonies)  Meditation (TM) Ouija Board
 Scientology  Yoga  
 Hare Krishna  Hypnosis  
 Hinduism  Blood Pacts  
 Islam  Object or Idols of worship  
 Buddhism (Including Zen)  Palm Reading  
 Roman Catholism channeling  
   Black or White Magic  
   Out-of-body experiences  
   Martial Arts  
    New Age Medicine  


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