There are around 10 million Mormons. Why have so many people been deceived by the Mormon faith?

1). They don't know what the word of God says.

2). They have decided to take the word of Joseph Smith over what God's word has said.

3). The Mormon church sounds like Christianity because Mormon missionaries use some of the same terminology as Christianity does. I've talk to Mormons already that have said that the book of Mormon does not contradict the Bible and have agreed with me on other issues as well. But these statements I have found out later were not true. They had either innocently lied to me (because they were unsure as well of the Mormon faith), or I had deliberately been lied to so they could try to suck me into their cult. I'm so glad that I caught the many lies which stopped me from being deceived.

REMEMBER: All of us need to know what the Bible says so we will not be deceived. (Acts 17:11).


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