Lonely Cries

Just think of an innocent child growing inside a mother's womb. All they want is their mother's love and a chance to live. This is what this song is about.

Before I was conceived God knew my very name (Jeremiah 1:5)
Deep in your womb He formed my tiny frame
(Psalm 139)
Although God planned my life I'll never see the light of day
What God gave me- It's not your right to take away!

Satan whispers "I'm not really alive" so make your choice
You decide for both of us before you've heard my voice
Can't you hear my heartbeat and feel my every move
I just want to live, I just want your love!

Now I know my time has come as I wait here to die
Can't you feel my pain inside? Won't you hear my Lonely cries?

Thou shalt not kill (Exo. 20:13). Why am I a sacrifice?
Just because you want all this freedom in your life
"Put yourself first" is one of Satan's darkest lies
This is not God's will- He grieves as He hears our Lonely cries! Lonely Cries!

. . . by Lowell K. Smith and Kathy A. Smith