One goal and expectation that most all teenagers have is driving. I couldn't wait till I was sixteen so I could drive. I literally would count down the days! One thing that every one wants to do while they are learning to drive is to shop around for a car. I don't know anyone that would buy a car with out first driving it. Do you? We all want to know what we are spending our hard-earned money on and we all want a reliable car.


 Thoughts To Ponder:

No one buys a car without first driving it or buys a house without first going to see it. Most all of us will agree that these things are worth taking the time to look into. How much more important it is to look into and know "What will happen to me when I die?" or "Where will I spend eternity" For this question we must know the answer, for eternity never ends. . . . .

Learn the facts: Read God's Word!!!