ANSWERS to Chapter Two:

"Who is Jesus Christ?"

Answers are highlighted in green.1). Who is Jesus Christ?

A). The Son of God

B). God

C). Creator of the universe

D). All of the above


2). What did Jesus come to do? (Luke 4:18)

A). Preach the gospel

B). Heal the sick

C). Deliver the captives

D). All of the above


3). How can a person be sure they will go to heaven? What did Jesus teach?

A). Jesus said that He was the only way to heaven

B). By being a good person

C). There are many ways to heaven


4). Why did Jesus have to die?

A). He commited a crime

B). So mankind could be forgiven

C). He commited a sin


5). Who will Jesus take to heaven when He returns?

A). Good people

B). People who go to church

C). Christians (those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior)

D). Happy people


6). Where will a person's spirit go after they die? (Check all that apply).

A). hell

B). purgatory

C). recarnated into another body

D). heaven


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