One is Letitia's was to what's there to learn about to really understand New Testament must first understand this.
I an animal lover. I have eight cats and a love mostly all animals. I appreciate to be and their unique character rustics.
Because of my love for animals and before it really understood about animal sacrifices in the Old Testament of the bottle it does become very clear why this was done our life is in the blood of the Bible tells us.
This started the first sacrifice. In the Garden of Eden and the first man and woman dissipate God allowed since coming to the world God made them coats skin. This when the for sacrifices man was made. God's killed an innocent animal to the tune or print a covering of forgiveness over and eat. Singh had separated man from God and man now needed a covering. God was trying to tell us the sinner is so horrible in eyes of a holy God that something in this and had to die. This was done all through the Old Testament and to Christ came in shape his own blood once and for all on the cross for that to get forgiveness of all sing. His blood Peralta and to the sacrifices. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all seven.
Many people get uncomfortable talking about blood. We need to understand is that Jesus was perfect he shed innocent and precious blood and we must acknowledge this. Like the palm of warmer is a storage war we can't also plead or cover ourselves with the bloated Jesus State Haig's blood because he knew this kid brings forgiveness and takes the soul from his script place in the soling God's protection and important eternal life and that person. Please in the blood of Jesus over ourselves is spiritual We don't action get covered with blood to be think back of what Jesus did for us as he died inches blow across. Please in the blood Jesus also is not some sort magical word that protects us we say it we must really believe it and we must be obedient to God and got also will be faithful to us.