ANSWERS: For Chapter 3; "Who Is The Devil?" Answers are highlighted in black.

1). Why is there a battle going on between good and evil?

a). For the souls of mankind

b). No one really knows


2). Who is the Father of every lie?

a). Satan

b). Adam

C). All of the above


3). How do we put on the whole armor?

A). By faith

B). by praying

c). All of the above


4). What are some of the pieces of the whole armor?

A). The Shield of Faith


c). The Helmet of Salvation

d). a heart

e). The Sword of the Spirit


5). Who created Lucifer?

a). No one knows

B). God

C). Lucifer created himself


6). Why did Lucifer fall from heaven?

a). His heart was lifted up. He became full of pride.

b). He wanted to serve God

C). He wasn't good enough


7). What does satan do?

A). He deceives

B). He tempts

c). he destroys

D). all of the above


8). How do we resist the devil?

a). By submitting to God

b). By watching horror movies

c). By watching violent TV shows




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