Most movies are rated today, but these movies are rated by what other human beings rate them as, not how God rates them. G is for general audiences or anyone to watch. But many G rated movies have spell casting, magic, witches, wizards and other forbidden practices in them. These movies are not pleasing to God.

In this chapter we will go over the Check-list of lies that often show up in movies, books and games, and what to avoid.

1). Does the movie or game have any of the nine forbidden practices in it?

2). Does the movie have any magic in it? Remember it doesn't matter if it is good or bad magic, in God's eyes no type of magic is good.

3). Does it teach themes about the New Age Movement. That humans can be a god or a belief in an "energy" or "force" that everyone can tap into?

4). Does it teach reincarnation?

5). Does it teach evolution? Does it teach that God is not the creator, but man has evolved over millions of years? This is a lie. There is much evidence for a young earth the way the Bible has taught all along.

6). Does it teach violence? Even though we did not cover this, it is obvious that we should not dwell on other people getting killed or hurt.

7). Does it teach against God's ten commandments?