Are You Being Brainwashed Propaganda in Science Textbooks

 By Dr. Kent Hovind
Table of Contents


Only Two Choices

Who Started This Lie?

The Scopes Trial

What Should Be Taught in the Classroom?

What Do We Mean by the Word "Evolution"?

What Do the Creationists Believe?

Lies in the Textbook?

Chart Showing Micro and Macro Evolution


Geologic Time

Absolute Time

Do Fossils Prove Evolution?

Origin of Life

Have Scientists Created Life?

AminoAcid Sequences

Horses Had Four Toes?

Vestigial Organs?


Natural Selection or Survival of the Fittest?

Peppered Moth



Birds Evolved from Dinosaurs?

Human Evolution?

Plate Tectonics

Is Evolution Part of Science?

Why Is Evolution Being Pushed in Public Schools?

False Information in the Classroom?

Practical Steps to Approach Teachers

Steps to Handle Evolution in Class

Practical Steps to Change Schools



 In the Beginning God...
 Jesus Christ is the God that loves you and has created you. He is the only way to heaven. Learn how to make Him your Lord and Savior.

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