1. The Sown Seed (Mt 13:3-8; Mk 4:4-8; Lu 8:5-8).
1). Jesus told how the word of God is sown and the reactions of four types of people who hear the word.
2). The seed sown is the word of God and the sower who scatters the seed is Jesus. The ground is the hearts of mankind.
3). The parable had many spiritual details.
4a). Jesus was teaching by the sea of Galilee.
b). Great multitudes were gathered together unto Him.
c). The disciples came too Him wondering why he spoke in parables.
d). By the wayside - when anyone hears the word and does not understand it Satan quickly takes away what was sowed in that person's heart.
Stony Places - One who hears and receives the word with joy but they have no root when persecution comes because of the words sake this person is offended.
Among the Thorns - one who hears the word but the cares of this world the deceit of riches soak out the word.
Good ground - one who receives the word is one who hears it, understands it, and bears fruit.

5). Matthew was a Jewish Christian who concentrated on presenting Jesus as the long awaited Messiah.. These parables were spoken because it was given to those who understood them. They were not understandable to those whose hearts did not desire to follow Jesus.

7). Blessed are those who hear and understand for they shall be converted and Christ will heal them. Those who already have shall have in abundance (spiritual knowledge). Those who had no spiritual discernment even what they had would be taken away.