advocate - an intercessor (means Jesus prays for His saints). To plead in favor of, to recommend publicly.

contradict - the opposite of, to deny directly and categorically.

counterfeit - not genuine, a copy, pretended , not real.

doctrine - biblical truths, instruction, learning. A particular principle or position.

hindrance - an impeding, stopping, preventing, or the like.

infallible - incapable of error. Absolutely trustworthy or sure. Infallibility literally means the Scriptures were not only given without error, but are incapable of ever changing.

magic - it is to attempt to control an unseen force to change things. Both white magic and black magic are forbidden in the Bible.

occult - beyond the range of ordinary knowledge; mysterious; secret or communicated only to the initiated. The Bible forbids occults practices such as magic, astrology, witchcraft, divination, necromancy, consulter of familiar spirits; etc.

Sorcerery - a person who uses power that has been gained from the assistance or control of demons.

substitutionary - to take the place of another.