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The Christian graphics that are posted below we are now asking you to kindly donate one dollar or more to the ministry of Independent Church In India. Your dollar will be used to farther the preaching of the Gospel and to help provide for those who are in desperate need in the nation of India. After you donate a dollar or more you may download all the graphics on this whole website freely on as many frequent visits as you like. Why are we asking you to pay a dollar? It is because the Lord has put in our heart here at "Fill the Void" Ministries a great burden to reach out to the lost souls in India.One dollar goes a much longer way in India than it does in most countries. Again we are not asking for ourselves, but for the sake of the lost souls in India. You will also be blessed in knowing that your dollar or more will be used to reach lost souls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.We are trusting you to do what is right in the Lord's eyes. Please be honest and kindly donate before downloading any of the following graphics.

If you do not wish to donate by paypal please enclose a dollar or more in cash, a money order, or a check to the following address:

Independent Church In India
PO Box 238
Fredericksburg, Pa. 17026

To see many pictures and to learn more about Independent Church In India please click here to visit their website.

  TO COPY: Right-click on the free christian graphics you want. Select "save as" and save to your own computer files, then upload to your web host for use on your site. Please do not link directly to these images.




Just put yourself... in this unbearable condition for just one minute...

There is no one that loves you, you are very sick, your flesh is rotting away, you have no family and no one to take care of you, you have no job, no money, you only eat enough to barely stay alive by begging or living on the left over garbage, you are spiritually empty inside, there is no hope of a brighter future, only pain and loneliness.You are desperate to die and at least hope for a better place in the afterlife – but there is still only uncertainly.

In the nation of India, millions have the dreaded disease of leprosy. Also here in India, there are multitudes of orphans, elderly destitutes who are homeless and living on the streets, and many who are blind. Just think, if any of these unfortunate people even had a small percentage of what you have, their lives could be changed and the physical pain could be stopped. Just think, if this person heard about the Lord Jesus Christ they could have hope and know that someone loves them. For a small sacrifice, you can make a difference in this person’s life. Help us to reach the lepers, the orphans, the elderly, and the blind before it's to late. Your love and support will make a difference, not just in this life, but also for all eternity. CLICK HERE!


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