Bible Versions

  Although God's Word is unchanging and is forever settled in heaven, it seems that truth-seekers are confronted with an increasingly bewildering array of different translations and versions of the Bible. Some of these differ widely and even contradict one another in many places. Are they all God's Word? Which one is best? This page is devoted to helping Christians make sense of this important but confusing and controversial issue.

  New! Putting Teeth Back into Your Church-The Issue of Authority in Spiritual Warfare- By William and Sharon Schnoebelen. Chapter 16 of the book "Blood on the Doorposts". All Christians need to read this! Learn that our only offensive weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Also, excellent insights on why we can place 100% confidence in the King James Version.


 Understanding the Differences in Bible Versions - Part 1- By Kathy A. Smith. The bookstore shelf is crowded with bibles - a multitude of versions and translations, each one claiming to be more up to date, more accurate, or more understandable. Does it matter which one you choose? How can you decide?
Understanding the Differences in Bible Versions - Part 2-By Kathy A. Smith. Taking a more in-depth look at the origins of the manuscripts underlying the various versions: The cities, the men and their beliefs from which the different versions arose. The history shows us how to follow the true preserved Word of God through the ages.
 Open Book Bible Quiz -Want to see how your Bible version stacks up? Take this short but surprising quiz!
The Omissions - The Following 17 verses from the King James Version are completely gone from the New International Version and other modern translations! See for yourself!
The Number 7: God's Divine Number- By Michael Hoggard. See God's supernatural design of scripture! Exploring the amazing occurrences of the number seven in the King James Version.

 The King James Bible Companion-By David W. Daniels. If you have a King James Bible, this book needs to be inside it. Rather than taking the time to learn the definitions of archaic King James words, many Christians simply buy a modern version of the Bible. This is a big mistake.
THE KING JAMES CODE - By Michael W. Hoggard. Revealing God's Special Signature of Textual and Numerical Patterns in the Authorized Version of the Bible.
A Tale of Three Cities - By Pastor David F. Reagan. Where the Bible Versions Began .


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