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COOL STUFF - The Battle Between Two Kingdoms - On-line book about the battle between good and evil. Filled with colorful pictures, animations, music. Play built in game as your read! Kids and teens, you'll love it!

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Fun ways to learn.The following titles will take you to selected pages of our colorful online book: "The Battle Between Two Kingdoms"

 Learn About Jesus and How to Get to Heaven
 The Most Important Questions

  Who is Jesus Christ?

  What road am I on?

 The Life Of Jesus

The True Gospel

 The Return of Jesus Christ

 The Sacrifice

 Lost and Found

  Walking on the Water

 Spiritual Warfare
 The Whole Armor of God

Satan a Defeated Enemy


 No Fear

 The Battle

  Be Not Deceived

 Who is the Devil?

 Caution: Danger

 Who is Lucifer?

 Doctrines of Devils

 The Unfruitful Works of Darkness

 Blinded Minds


 Angel of Light

 Assorted Studies

How Long is Eternity



Sin is Like a Disease

 Avoiding the Darkness

  The Test of Obedience

   Find out How much do you know?

Satan the Deceiver

The Life of Christ


 Bible Study

Find out How To Use Your Bible

Learn about The Ten Commandments

How to Grow as a Christian!

Learn about God's Creation
 More articles about: The Works of Darkness

 Aliens and Ufo's: What are they?

 Forbidden Practices

 Who is Harry Potter?


 The New Age Movement

 The Lie of Evolution

   Jesus Christ is the God that loves you and has created you. He is the only way to heaven. Learn how to make Him your Lord and Savior.


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