Fill the Void Ministries is a ministry started in September of 2000. It is the ministry of a husband and wife team. Lowell and Kathy Smith live in Lebanon, Pennsyvania with their two small children. Both are musicians and songwriters who have been involved in various Christian bands. Lowell is a worship leader at "Praise and Glory Worship Center". Kathy is the author of the on-line book "The Battle Between Two Kingdoms" and many of the other Gospel tracts and articles written on this web-site.

Our Mission as a husband and wife team is to serve the Lord and preach the gospel to all the nations, and expose the lies of the devil, so Christians all over the world will walk in the plan that God has for them.

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How You Can Help Us

We would greatly appreciate your prayers, for without prayer we can do nothing.

Donations are also very much appreciated. We are currently showing gospel tracts and banners on various websites that are viewed by all kinds of people. We believe that God's word will never come back void, but will accomplish what God has planned for it to do. Our goal is to keep getting these tracts that share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ promoted all over the world. We have already showes our tract pages and banners millions of times, but as with most ministries, there are expenses involved. It's similar to buying and handing out paper gospel tracts, except that we can show many more electronic tracts for the same amount of money. If you are a Christian, would you consider helping us to keep showing these tracts on a daily basis? Any gift will help us to continue this much-needed service to a lost and dying world.

Here are some of the tracts and banners being currently displayed:

TRACTS (Click on the one you want to see)

Divine Appointment

The Reality of Hell

The Purpose and Meaning in Life

You are one step from heaven or hell!

Jesus Will Return - Are You Ready?

Learn the Truth About Your Future

Where Will You Spend Eternity?


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We plan on promoting more tracts and banners in the near future. Any love gift will help us to maintain this site and to keep adding more articles and animated picture books in the future . Thanks so much! As the Lord leads you to give, send your donations to: Fill the Void Ministries, PO Box 238, Fredericksburg, PA 17026


We Want To Help You

If you have your own website and are not sure how you can use it for the Lord, we are here to help! You may down load any of our banners to post on your website. You may also link any of them to our gospel tract pages. You also have our permission to post these gospel tracts on your own site. That way, everything will be located on your own site.To learn more about this much needed ministry - Click here or on below banner.



Help youself to any of our free Christian graphics.

If you are a pastor, teacher, or layman that wants to share the gospel and expose the works of darkness, we want to help you.

 In Christ's Service,

Lowell and Kathy Smith



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