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The Battle Between Two Kingdoms - Colorful on-line book filled with pictures, animations, music,and built in game!.
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Devils In Disguise? - Part One - by Kathy A. Smith. Examining the link between UFO's, the New Age, and the occult

Devils in Disguise? Part Two:The False Gospel that leads to Hell! - by Kathy A. Smith.
The message that these ET's are preaching is a different gospel than the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is deceiving multitudes of people all over the world.

Alien Invasion - by Kathy A. Smith. Who are they? Visitors from space, or ...? A tract written exposing the deception behind UFO's.

The Ultimate Hyperdimensional - Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman. Read chapter 14 of :Alien Encounters"

Checklist For Potential Contactees - by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman. Have you been abducted against your will? You don't have to be any longer.

Another Alien Invasion - by Dana Koenig. Did aliens invade Earth in the distant past? Does the Bible describe the events of that time? Are UFO sightings a sign that it is happening again today?

UFOs "Identified" - by Eric Barger and David Benoit from Chapter 8 "Familiar Spirits" Entertaining Spirits Unaware: The End-Time Occult Invasion.

Alien/UFO Links

Koinonia House: Aliens - a Christian perspective - Excellent six hour on-line seminar on the
alien phenomena. If you have always wondered what the truth was about aliens - check this out!

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