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The Entertainment Media Deception

A Parent's Guide To Selecting Children's TV Programs - by David Benoit. Seven dangers to look for.

Strange gods in the Christians Home? - By Kathy A. Smith. Could Christians have the "accursed" items that the bible condemns in their homes unknowingly?

The Deadly Snare - By Kathy A. Smith. A wake-up call for Christians concerning popular media entertainment.

Harry Potter - Seduction Into the Dark World of the Occult - Part 1 -By Kathy A. Smith. Looking at the popular book series from a Biblical perspective. Is it for Christians?

Harry Potter - Seduction Into the Dark World of the Occult - Part 2 - By Kathy A. Smith. Continue looking at the occult themes in the Potter series.

Refocusing - By Phil Arms. Helping Christian parents teach their children discernment.

Opened Eyes - By Phil Arms - Recognizing the spiritual deceptions behind children's entertainment.

Witches and Satanists Use the Media to Recruit -  By David Benoit - Exposing the hidden agenda behind much of the media.

Noah's Ark - The NBC Movie - By Kathy A. Smith. Uncovering the dark and dangerous motives behind the movie.


KJOS Ministries - Many articleson popular entertainment

Disney's Pocahontas

Spirit Behind the Lion King

Exposing Satanism in Children's Entertainment -Articles on Harry Potter, Pokemon, Digimon, Satanic music, Oujia board etc.

Stairway to Hell - by Rick Jones. Find out the dangerous of the game Dungeons&Dragons.

Take A Stand Ministries! - by Eric Barger. More articles on Harry Potter. Also articles on the New Age Movement, freemasonry, cults, spiritual warfare, etc.


 Check out these Christian prophecy movies!